Most of you know my story and how I came to be here, but I wanted to share it again for those who may not know.

I was found in a coma on the side of a road during the floods down south.  My body was mostly lifeless but I was still breathing.  A passerby brought me to a local shelter, and this is where I met one of my angels.  The angel gave me fluids, talked to me sweetly and checked on me all day.  I still didn't move. Then, when she had to go home, she brought me home with her to meet the other angels.  They thought I might die, but they did not give up.  They spoke to me in a sweet way, asking me to hang on if I could.  They named me Gabriel because they thought I would get my wings that very night, but how could I leave after hearing their sweet voices?   I felt so much love that I decided that there had to be a reason to fight to stay.  When I opened up my eyes and finally saw the reasons I was still there, I felt all the love they had given me during my coma.  My angels smiled big smiles when they saw me wake up and I knew right away that I had done the right thing.

Then, I spotted another reason for living.  A bunch of other kittens...and they had toys!  I mean, I AM a kitten.  This is the stuff we dream about!

Since that day I haven't stopped playing for very long, unless it's for a nap or a snack.  I went on a very LONG trip to Canada to meet the new love of my life (Sweet Pea) and I have a brand new Daddy, too.  We all have so much fun.  Even though I had to leave my angels to come to this new life, I will never forget them.  They were right to ask me to hang on, because this life is the best!

Most of you know my angels by the names Chrystal and her daughters.  They saved my life and save many more lives every day of the week .  Right now they are over-loaded with adoptable cats and cannot take on any new arrivals.  Without any new adoptions, my angels will not be able to save cats and dogs that need it, like I did.  They have a lot of really adorable cats and kittens available for adoption, so please have a look at their website to see the photos and read the descriptions:  Chrystal's Cathouse Adoptables

No matter where you are, Chrystal and her friends in the CB will do their best to get your chosen kitty to you.  Do not worry about distance - The Monkeys' Mommy didn't and look how that turned out.

Now I can continue my 'Handsome Attack' on all the female cats in Canada...

I've been practicing really hard.