Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Reminders

Today is the last chance to enter to win my snake with a ball in it! There are not a lot of entries so your chances are pretty good. It doesn't matter where you live either because Mommy said whoever I draw, she'll mail it. To enter, simply leave a comment that you'd like to be entered. We'll announce the winner on Tortie Tuesday.

It's also the last day to donate to the Beaufort Community Cat Project on Romeo's blog. They do really wonderful things and rely solely on donations so they can really use your help!

Also sending out purrs to Dylan and Mom Wendy so that Dylan comes home. He's been missing for more than a day and Mom wants him home bad!

Update: Dylan is home!!!


Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun Fur Friday

Mommy found this picture and she thought it was really funny. She doesn't remember when it was taken or who took it and she can hardly figure out what we were doing but she said it looks like we were having fun.

We also received this contraption in the mail and we haven't figured out what it is...yet

Mommy said we're going to have so much fun with it this weekend so we're very excited!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Silly Humans

The lovely Fin challenged us (and everyone else) to a bit of a game. We're going to tell some of our humans embarrassing moments. Fin suggested that we not be ashamed. Hopefully this will be therapeutic and we can move on from here...

We're sure we had a video of The Ball Guy singing loudly to me (Delilah) when he thought the video camera was off but unfortunately, Mommy thinks this is on the old computer from which we still have not retrieved all of our pictures and videos. Hopefully we can find it for the future.

Let the tattling begin!

-When Samson was a kitten and he escaped on to the balcony, Mommy panicked and burst through the screen door! I'm not exaggerating when I say burst- she literally threw herself at the screen. The door fell along with her, nearly crushing the confused and terrified Samson. The Ball Guy couldn't look her in the eyes for weeks (He was embarrassed too!).

-When Samson had his recent bout with urinary tract problems, and the vet told her to leave him there for the day, Samson told me that Mommy started crying and grabbed him by the head, kissing him and calling him her 'Special Little Monks'. Poor Samson was so embarrassed that he didn't mind being left there after that. I don't know if I can ever face Dr. Gilmore again.

-One of her nicknames for me is 'Beans'. It evolved from Deli, Jelly Deli, Jelly Beans, Deli Beans and then finally, Beans. Sometimes when I'm sleeping, she just yells out, 'BEANS!', to try to get my attention. I always ignore her but ignoring her sometimes makes her more persistent. It's awful!

-One time recently, she came home from work with a lot of bags and she had trouble with the lock. By the time she got in, we were both in front of the door waiting for our greeting scratches. She urgently tried to get past us without giving us scratches and ran for the human litter bowl. She didn't make it on time and she started yelling all sorts of bad words!!! She gets mad when I shoot litter outside of our box but she can't even make it to her own litter bowl. At least I do my business inside my box. She spent the next hour cleaning up and grooming herself and washing her clothes and completely ignoring us! Unacceptable and totally humiliating! At her age, she's not even litter-trained.

-The Ball Guy has the most bizarre list of names for us and when we play ball, he runs after me rolling his 'R's and stamping his floppy slippers on the floor and calling me silly names. A sample of the latest names are Schhhmalls, Rrrrrrrrotten pooh pooh, Puppy, Schmoonimum, Purrrre Evil, Schmellins, Schnitzel, Rrrrrubbins, etc. I don't think he's called me by my name in years! He calls Sammy, Schmall Guy, Dude, Fuzz, Flash, Black and White and Lazy. He calls Mommy some weird names too but I'm not allowed to type them. Humans!

I'm not sure how therapeutic this was because I'm still mortified! I do love both of them very much, though. I guess as long as they keep feeding me, I'll put up with the silliness.

Thank you, Fin! We feel your pain.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tortie Tuesday

Happy Tortie Tuesday!

Today I'm going to skip the lessons and talk about one of my favorite things - Food!

Mommy thinks I have the most bizarre taste in food out of all the cats she's known. She also thinks that being on my own as a kitten for awhile and having to find my own meals may have been the reason I like so many different things. I was really skinny when I went to live with her so it was really nice to move in and find out that food was plentiful.

By now most of you have heard about my love for beer. Please don't worry because I know when to stop and even if I didn't, Mommy would never let me drink more than I should.

Here is the list of some of my favorite things besides my cat food:

Beer ~ a capful or two at the most!
Bananas and the peel ~ I guess that's because I'm a Monkey ;)
Pizza ~ I steal it off the plate
Pineapple and pineapple juice ~ Fresh is best but I'll settle for canned
Avocados ~ It's best in a salad with croutons
Tomatoes ~ I even eat the stems!
Yogurt ~ I think most of you like this
Ivory soap ~ I am not allowed to eat this ever again. I'll never forget the awful shriek that came out of Mommy when she found me eating this!
Chicken Korma ~ A spicy Indian dish made out of CHICKEN! I don't know why Mommy thinks this is 'weird'. It's chicken!
Lettuce ~ I once took off with a whole head of lettuce
Ketchup ~ On a burger is best
Oranges ~ Not the peel, just the orange
Strawberries ~ Here's a video of me enjoying a stawberry

Now I'm pretty sure I'm not weird but Mommy thinks I have strange taste so I'm anxious for feedback from my friends about this. Do any of you like 'weird' things?


Monday, May 25, 2009

Mancat Monday

My Sharpie Dots

I've received a few comments and compliments about my Sharpie dots on my nose. Mommy used to call them beauty marks but the gorgeous Baby Patches (she has one too!) left a comment about my 'Sharpie' dots and Mommy really liked that. It is not completely unique because I've seen it a lot but Mommy says mine really work for me.

I have one on my nose and one on the cheek below. If you look closely, you'll see that they're joined in my nostril! (Biggify the picture to see into my nostril! Okay, maybe you just wanna take my word for it..)

One interesting bit of trivia is that when Mommy first got me, and was thinking of a perfect name for me, she considered calling me Lemmy after one of her favorite musicians in Motorhead. Apparently he has two dots on his face like me! She said the name didn't stick because Lemmy is not even slightly cute and my dots weren't as pronounced when I was a kitten. Besides, she thought the name Samson would complement Delilah very well.

Sometimes I try to look tough to make Mommy change my name to Lemmy - She says I'm still too cute.

The Ball Guy is an artist and one of the things he paints is pets (of course, Delilah and I are his favorite subjects!). When he painted me, he got the dots perfectly! He is a very talented man.


P.S. Have a great Memorial Day (for my U.S. friends)!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Gift Giveaway

I received a lot of presents for my birthday and I'm very appreciative of almost all of them. I know it's the thought that counts but I don't love one of the gifts so I'd like to take that generous 'thought' Mommy had and give it to one of my friends who might appreciate it more than me!

This is my 'snub' pose.

You might remember Mommy gave me a box with something in it...

...well it turned out to be a big plastic snake with a ball in it!

I tried to play with it for a little bit but I prefer a ball toy that can be thrown down the hall (preferably by The Ball Guy) and fetched. No matter what I do, this darn ball will not leave the snake. Mommy tried to make the snake into a circle, an 'S' and then back to the snake; it's just not my cup of catmilk.

I tried to give it to my sweet brother, Samson but...well, he's pretty particular about his toys; it's gotta be a mousie with catnip or the crinkle ball that he saved from his first Mommy's home. And, lets face it, he's a little lazy. His idea of a good time is sitting on groceries so Mommy can't put them away immediately.

Anyway, all that to say I had an idea to give it away to one of my blogging friends and hopefully help out Romeo help The Beafort Community Cat Project. Romeo is having another donate-a-thon with lots of really great prizes. This is not part of the contest and you don't need to donate to win (just like in Romeo's contest) but if you're interested in my 'gently used' ball track, leave a comment that you want to be entered into the draw and we'll do a draw on May 31st. For my friends outside the US and Canada, please feel free to enter because Mommy said she'll send it to any of my friends, regardless of their location.

Please go to Romeo's page to see the cool stuff he's offering this time and if you haven't already, please donate to the Beaufort Community Cat Project through Romeo's bloggy. They need to reach their goal and there's only 9 days left this month!

Dana, the Mommy from the Creek Cats, works at BCCP and they do a really needed job. I particularly liked this blog about some of the first feral cats they TNR'd. If you read it, you can see the Mama Tortie!

Have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. Mommy convinced me to use the term 'gently used' but I'm not comfortable with it. I'm a Tortie and nothing is ever gently used with Torties. I prefer the term 'vigorously used for a short time'

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's been a very busy couple of weeks around here and frankly it's all been a little much for me! I'm extremely thankful that it's almost the weekend so we can all sleep in and snuggle. I haven't been able to keep my yawns to myself lately.

Mommy says I'm very dramatic when I yawn because I always make a long squeaking sound when I do it. She says it's so cute that it makes her want to squeeze me. I better be careful, she squeezes very tight sometimes.

Have a great Thursday!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tortie Tuesday

I had such a great time on my birthday and I wanted to thank everyone for dropping by! Mommy had a good time, too. She really appreciated my gift to her of a big spider. She was jumping around and screaming with glee!

Our friend on Catster, Cally Jane did this really cool picture for my birthday. Mommy thinks it's cute because it looks like I'm holding up a big cake (or I'm under it) all by myself. She also says the tiara is fitting since I'm such a diva. If being a diva means I know what I like and I do whatever it takes to get it, then I guess I am one.

Special thanks to my fellow Super Tortie, Tasha and her wonderful Mom Katie for their special post :)

Another Tortie I would like to bring attention to today is a really special girl that we met on Catster. Her name is Muppet and she was rescued from a really bad situation by her Mom who then alerted The Best Friends Society. Our Mom found out about her through a Moderncat post when Muppet was going through an awful surgery. She was rescued from the F.L.O.C.K 'sanctuary' and was so starved that she needed surgery to stop her ears from ringing and causing her pain. She's got a wonderful Mom now but she still has some physical problems. Her and her Mom need some purrs and prayers now so that Muppet keeps improving. Mom thinks she looks a bit like me (and our birthdays are almost the same) and she is addicted to reading the updates about her.

Get well soon, Muppet! I'm sending all my best Tortie vibes in your direction!

Happy Tortie Tuesday


Monday, May 18, 2009

Mancat Monday

Delilah and Mommy's birthday was yesterday and what an event it was! Thanks to everyone who came by and celebrated with us.

It's a holiday in Canada (Victoria Day) so Mommy is sleeping in. I wanted to show you how I got the money to get Delilah and Mommy presents. I found this wallet and it had money in it so I slipped the papers to the Ball Guy to get treats for Deli and flowers for Mommy! I think they would've preferred a mousie but The Ball Guy assured me this was the way to go.

He said I was very discreet.

What else do they expect when I'm not allowed out of the house?


Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm Three Years Old! ....and 100th Post

I'm officially three years old!

I received a lot of gifts from everyone - I'm a very lucky cat!

Samson got me treats.

He couldn't figure out how to open the bags, though.

I was very grateful because he really tried to open them (I think he wanted some too!)

Mommy got me some cat grass (YUMMY) and a box with something in it. I love the cat grass!

I don't know what's in this box but there are pictures of kittens on it! As far as I was told, I'm a cat now. Whatever it is, I'll love the box anyway.

And last but certainly not least, The Ball Guy got me my favorite sports equipment. Soccer balls and footballs! Now he has to stick around and play ball with me and my birthday will be complete!

It's Mommy's birthday today also and I found out what a 3 with a 4 in front of it means - She's really old!

Mommy asked the Ball Guy to go to the store to get some salmon for her and I to share (our favorite) and some beer for me and The Ball Guy.

Samson's feeling a little ignored so he's taking a nap

I invite all of my cat, woofie and human friends to help yourself to any treats, toys, cat grass, beer and salmon!

Today is also our 100th post so Mommy wants me to say thank you to our friends who visit us and say how much she loves all the blogs she visits!

Have a great Sunday!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Delilah's (and Mommy's) Birthday

I'm going to be three on Sunday! It's Mommy's birthday too but she is going to be three with a four in front of it. I don't know what that means, exactly, but I think it means she's somewhere between four and three.

Sunday is also our 100th post! It's hard to believe that we've already posted 100 times because we still feel like the new kittens on the block. I'm sure it's Samson's fault with all his chattering.

I think three is going to be a great year. I'm old enough to not be treated like a kitten anymore so hopefully that means I can go on the balcony unsupervised? Mommy's shaking her head at me so I guess I'll have to wait until I'm four :(.

Hopefully I'll get some great gifts from Mommy, Samson and the Ball Guy. Since it's Mommy's birthday too, I caught a juicy spider that I've been saving to bring her on Sunday. Shhhh, it's a surprise! I hope she likes it! I am looking forward to playing with it with Mommy. She always screams with excitement when we play with spiders..she's so much fun!

Here's a picture of me on Mommy's shoulder. I love sitting on her shoulder. I purr and put my nose in her ear so she knows how much I love her :)

Have a great weekend! We'll be back on Sunday to do our 100th post!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crazy Cousin Ember

Hey everyone! I'm Cousin Ember. I live with The Monkeys' Mommy's sister and her three kids.

Samson and Delilah think they're so smart with their own blog and they're letting me post to kiss up so I'll like them more. Actually, I'm only here to show them how it should be done!

I'm a very popular cat in the cyber world and I have recently posted my profile on MySpace so that everyone can see how beautiful I am. Most cats my colour are boycats but I'm a girl! I am also cooler than Samson and Deli cos' I took my own profile pic...

I like to make faces at the camera. I look at all the pictures of Samson and Delilah posing for the camera and it makes me laugh. When you're as gorgeous as I am, posing pretty is unnecessary. I mean, they're lucky I even let them take my photo

Alright, I've had enough of the photos...

Thanks for the peace offering, Deli and Sammy. I'll confer with my peoples and let you know if it made me like you more. Don't call me, my peoples will call you!

Cousin Ember

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tortie Tuesday

This week's Tortie Tuesday lesson is how to do the cute face.

Last week I showed all you Torties and non-torties how to be scary and intimidating. As Torties are aware, the scary face works very well in most circumstances but the often over-looked cute face can be just as effective to get your way. It is recommended to balance out the cute and intimidating faces so that your victim doesn't know what to expect. One important thing to remember about the cute face is to only use these moves on humans. If you use it on prey or your pesky brother, the hunter will quickly become the hunted because they'll think you're weak and submissive.

Here is a great one for when you want a treat. Squish your face up against something inanimate and make sure your pupils are wide and dilated to give you a soft, cute appearance.

Pretend you're asleep with your nose against something. (I have no idea why this one works but it does!)

This cute face is commonly known as the 'I'm sideways and sleepy but reaching out cutely to touch you' face. It requires a bit of practice but don't be discouraged! You can do it too!

This is the 'Look into your eyes and hypnotize you with my cuteness' look.

A combination of upside down, fluffy tummy and cute face will send them running for the treat cupboard! You'll get almost anything you want with this move.

The last example for today is the 'Classic Cute' face. Make sure you're looking up at them to appear helpless (ha!), small and in awe of them and say with your eyes 'Oh big and strong human in my life, please give me a treat as fast as possible'. It's a guaranteed move that will touch even the stingiest of humans.

Enjoy your treats!

Congratulations to Tortie-extraordinaire, Tasha for winning the prize for Romeo's contest! I think it's perfect timing to win it on your Mom's birthday and just in time for Tortie Tuesday!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Mancat Monday

As any good Mancat will tell you, it is important to make amends when you do something wrong. Delilah and I have a pretty good relationship but sometimes (like when I posted four times last week), you do something wrong and you have to apologize. She's been giving me the cold shoulder all weekend but with Mommy back at work, I need some Deli loving.

She's still ignoring me but she's on the same chair as I am so that must mean she wants to make up.

Any minute now I'll make my move...

Ahh yes! See? That wasn't so hard. She still loves me!

Ooops! Wait, uhh this isn't how it's supposed to go, Deli! Something's wrong here...this is going horribly wrong!

Now she's chasing me down the hall! I guess I'll try again tomorrow...