Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tortie Tuesday

Samson was complaining in his blog post yesterday that us Tortie girls were stealing his photo time. I have to say that the opposite is true. He's a camera hog!

I was just having a relaxing nap and as soon as Mommy takes out the camera, Samson is there. He thinks I don't notice.

On another note, Bella and I shared some sunbeams together the other day. She wasn't too happy at first, but I wasn't about to let some hissing get in the way of a good sunbeam.

Eventually she realized I wasn't going anywhere and she calmed down enough to turn her back on me. Mommy says that this is 'progress'...whatever that means.

She still separates us during the day when she's at work and she says that it's because of the size difference between us. I'm twice her size and Samson is even bigger than me. Mommy's worried that if one of us loses our cool, we could hurt her, so she wants to wait until we're more adjusted before she lets us all roam free. It's not my fault Bella's so teeny tiny!

I also want to add that I am not overweight (the vet says I'm full of muscle from all my training and I'm just a big girl). She is a very small cat and she looks a lot smaller without all her floof.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Mancat Monday

While I thoroughly enjoy being the only Mancat in a house filled with girls, it can get a little much occasionally.

Almost every photograph of me these days includes a female in the background.

And around every corner is a female stealing my treats or lap time with Mommy.

Or stealing the spotlight.

That's why I love it when The Ball Guy comes by. We can hang out and do man things like eat in front of the TV and talk about the girlcats.

Hey, how about sharing some of that pizza with me, Ball Guy?


Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Fun

Sweet Pea here!

Samson, Delilah and Bella's Mommy did not do my normally scheduled post on Thursday because she had some people over for Bella's birthday on Wednesday night. Normally I'd be hissed off, but because I was invited and I had a great time, I will let this one slide.

It was a good time to catch up and hang out with my Tortie sisters.

I received my prize from The Kitty Fight Club earlier this week and I was so excited! I love my Kong Kickeroo so much that I didn't even let Daddy take it out of the packaging before I snatched it up!

I bit it and bunny-kicked it into submission.

And then, when it least expected it, I ambushed it from behind!

I used my signature 'Sweet Pea Death Roll' move in this video.

Thank you, Misha, for such an awesome prize! I checked the package it came in for the smooch you promised me, but it wasn't there. I guess it'll be coming special delivery?

Sweet Pea

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bella's Birthday

It's our newest roommate, Bella's birthday today! She's 11 years old!

She has only been here just over a week, but Delilah and I have opened our home to her. Currently we are fostering her, but if all continues to go well, we will be adopting her soon.

Bella's story is a little sad, and we think she misses her human a lot. She lived her entire life with a man who, in the last couple of months, was put into a hospital to live because he had Alzheimer's disease. His daughter, who apparently is not much of a cat person, wanted to have Bella put down, but was too 'busy' and left her alone in the house for a week before she brought her to the vet. Of course, the vet didn't think she should be put down, so he contacted a local rescue to see if they would take her in. Just before she came here, she was shaved because of a few mats in her fur, which we think might be why she is so shy. As much as we hate what she has gone through, we are so happy she's here with us now. She really loves Mommy and The Ball Guy and she is slowly coming out of her shell.

She also loves tuna, so we'll have plenty of that, and of course nip and toys to play with, so you're all welcome to come celebrate with us and welcome our new sister!

Happy Birthday, Bella!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tortie Tuesday

Ever since Bella moved in, everyone has been very concerned that I might get a little rough with her. On one level, I'm very pleased that I'm considered tough and dangerous, but in reality, I'm a very reasonable Tortie!

Bella is half my size...literally! She's even smaller than Sweet Pea! Also, poor Bella was declawed by her previous owners and I still have all my daggers. My humans should know that I only fight fair, and after hearing what Bella went through in her previous home and then at the shelter, I have a lot of empathy for the poor girl.

After the initial couple of hisses to let her know that I'm the head cat around here, I settled down and let her explore and get to know her surroundings. I even behaved when Bella jumped up on Mommy's bed in my place to snuggle with her. Bella is the one who keeps hissing at me! I suppose that after what she has gone through she has a valid excuse, but I still think she should lighten up! This place has lots of toys and there's always food in the bowls, but the best thing is all the love we get. Surely Bella will realize this soon, but in the meantime, she's very grouchy. She even looks very similar to a famous grouch! Just look at the photos and you'll see what I mean.

Uh huh, what'd I tell ya? Right down to the big, googly eyes!

Tomorrow is Bella's 11th birthday, so let's see if we can cheer her up a bit! That girl needs to smile!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Mancat Monday

There has been a lot of activity here lately and it all involves Torties!

As much as I love my girls, I also need to find a place that is all mine. My buddy Crikey has always been the kind of Mancat that I aspire to be, and he has a mancatcave! I decided it was time to find one for myself.

This is perfect! It's a cupboard in the kitchen where Mommy keeps recyclable bags, so there's plenty of space for me. I also noticed that there are bags of cat toys marinating in catnip!

It's a great place to get away and just be by myself and have a peaceful snooze.

Many of you have asked how I'm doing with the stress of a new addition to our home. Bella is a very relaxed girl and she doesn't ambush me like Sweet Pea does, so I'm quite comfortable with her.

Sweet Pea and Bella are very pretty girls, but I'm still devoted to my beautiful Delilah. As long as Deli is here, I'm happy!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Fuzzy Friday

Once again, it's time for another edition of Fuzzy Friday! This gives us a chance to show you pictures that didn't quite make the grade.

We have 'fuzzies' from all of us Monkeys this week and since there are so many Torties in our house now, we will distinguish who is who.

Since Delilah is the 'alpha' Tortie, she will go first.

Bella is our resident 'elder' Tortie.

Sweet Pea, the little jester Tortie, is posing with some cat grass.

And last but not least, our sweet Samson - Love slave to all of us!

We hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Samson, Delilah, Sweet Pea and Bella

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tortie T(h)ursday

Sweet Pea here!

With Bella moving in over at Samson and Delilah's, once again I've been called upon to help out. Daddy and I go over every day while their Mommy is at work so that I can play with them and distract them from their troubles.

I take my job very seriously! I don't like to leave any string unattacked.

Delilah calls me a clown, but I don't get upset with her mean words. I'm doing my job well because both Samson and Delilah can't keep their eyes off me! You can see Samson's laser eyes behind me.

Delilah is not as subtle.

They will thank me one day when everything is harmonious.

For those of you who asked, Delilah and Bella have come face to face and they are both hissing and spitting at each other. We know it will take time for them all to be happy together, so I am ready to work overtime to help my friends!

Sweet Pea to the rescue!

Sweet Pea

P.S. Their Mommy was reading Bella's vet papers and she discovered that Bella is 10 years old and she'll turn 11 on June 23rd! We will have a big party for the old gal next week.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tortie Tuesday

Bella arrived at our house yesterday, and even though we have not yet met her face to face, we know she's here! We were all waiting outside the bedroom door to catch a glimpse of our new housemate.

She does not look nearly as floofy as she did in the pictures, but Mommy said she was shaved before she came here. She threatens to do that to us, but I think Bella's unhappy face is enough to convince me that I do NOT want to be shaved!

Mommy says she'll have more to report when we finally meet each other, but she wants to let Bella get comfortable with the room first.

Bella is quite feisty, according to Mommy, but she's eating and drinking and making herself comfy.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Mancat Monday

Sweet Pea came over for a visit on Friday and she had some shocking news! She said that Mommy is adopting a NEW Monkey and she's coming to stay with us for a trial run today!

Her name is Bella and you can see her PetFinder profile here.

She's really gorgeous, so I think I'm going to have to step up the cute act so she doesn't steal any attention away from me. I think this should do it.

Of course I fit!

Let's see Bella try to out-cute me now!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Finally Friday

The Ball Guy and my crazy clown friend, Sweet Pea are coming over tonight. So I'm watching out the window for them.

Sweet Pea says she has a surprise for me, and even though it will be good to see my little friend after all this time, I'm a little worried that she has revenge on her mind after how I tricked her into going to the vet for her spay operation. Sweet Pea is very unpredictable!

I have a feeling this isn't going to be a fun surprise!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tortie T(h)ursday

Sweet Pea here!

It has been just over a week since my spay surgery and I'm doing just fine. I feel great and active, but Daddy wants to wait the whole 10 days of recovery before he brings me back to Samson and Delilah's for a visit. I'm going on Friday.

I'm even getting used to my shaved belly furs. I am very proud to have had this surgery so that I don't contribute to kitten overpopulation, so now I wear my shaved tummy like a badge of honor!

And, I have BIG news! I know something that Samson and Delilah don't! Their Mommy is adopting a new cat and she hasn't told them yet. It's not just a cat, it's another Tortie! I have been trying to find a way to get back at Deli since she tricked me into thinking that my spay surgery was a 'surprise' at the vets, and now I have the perfect opportunity!

This new cat is 11 years old and she's a Persian mix Tortie. She is currently staying at Gerdy's Rescues and Adoptions after being given up from her home of 11 years! Delilah NEVER likes anything new (it took her many months to warm up to me and just as long to use their new water fountain), so it should be funny to see her reaction to the new kitty.

This is a photo of Bella. She looks like a real diva!

She is being delivered to Samson and Deli's house on Monday for a trial run. Their Mommy is a little worried because poor Bella is declawed (ouch!!) and, of course Samson and Delilah are not. I know from experience that Delilah may rule with an iron paw, but she never used her claws on me, so hopefully she'll cut Bella some slack, too. Besides, Bella is a Tortie, so she probably knows how to defend herself even without all her weapons.

I'm going to visit Delilah tomorrow, so I get to break the news to her! She will have to respect me now!

Sweet Pea

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tortie Tuesday

I am being unfairly accused of attempting to be naughty, so I'm not even going to look at Mommy. She's definitely mistaken!

Our kitchen cabinets are really fun to open, and both Samson and I have, in the past, tried to open them to go inside. The problem Mommy has with it, is when we attempt to open them, it makes a 'thud thud' noise that is very loud. Of course, once I was told not to do it, I would never do it again!

Now Mommy claims that she caught me in the act, on the way to play with the cupboard doors. Of course, she's wrong!

I'm just sitting here, being completely innocent. I'm allowed to sit here, aren't I?

That's it, I'm outta here! I will not be accused of something I haven't even done yet!


P.S. I just found out that our dear friend Paddy did not recover from her surgery and has passed away. We are so sad for her family! Paddy was a beautiful and sweet girl. Please send as many purrs as you can spare to them.