Friday, July 27, 2012

Samson's 6th Birthday

Hey, hey!  It's my birthday!

That photo was taken a few weeks ago when I was feeling great.  I actually don't feel much like celebrating right now.  I'm in the middle of a kitty cold and my nose is so runny that I licked it raw.

Deli and I think that maybe that's why she was drooling too!  We must have caught a bug from that new grey guy that's living here.

At least Delii and I can be together with our sniffles.

I'm sure I'll feel better by the weekend so that we can celebrate in a more appropriate way.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tortie Tuesday

I am posting today because I had a bit of an incident over the weekend.

On Saturday night, Mommy noticed that my bib was all wet and I was drooling profusely.  She called the emergency vet and they said that as long as I was eating and eliminating normally, she could wait until Monday to bring me in.

It turns out that the drooling is still a mystery.  I have a moderate amount of plaque, but it hasn't increased since my last visit 8 months ago.  I also do not have any abscesses or wounds in my mouth.   The vet was stumped but couldn't rule out a bad tooth so he gave me some anti-inflammatory medicine and we will wait to see if the drooling returns.  If it does, I'll be getting dental x-rays and a possible cleaning.

Iggy fared a little better at the vet.  He has gained a half a pound and he passed his FIV/FELV test.  He's negative!  Now he'll be able to assume his role as Bella's new boyfriend and she will be allowed to stay in the room with him when Mommy goes to work 

I think there's a handsome Mancat underneath all the scruffiness.  Bella is a lucky gal.

Bella doesn't quite agree.  She is praying to the great Tortie Goddess in the sky to not have to spend her days with Iggy

She'll come around (heehee)


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Iggy Update

Oh...right.  Iggy.  That's me!

This Iggy name is still new to me but it looks like it's sticking so I better get used to it.

Please forgive my disheveled appearance.  The gunk Mommy is putting in my eye is very greasy and it makes the whole left side of my face look wet.

I am doing much better and eating like I haven't had food in awhile.  The other day Mommy got all leaky-eyed and told me to PLEASE eat.  She looked so sad and frustrated that I immediately hopped down off the bed and ate...and I ate a LOT.  I figured I had put her through too much and that crying just had to stop.  The problem was, she kept crying.  She was smiling while she cried though so I guess it was different.

I was supposed to go to the vet today, but because of my new found love of food, Mommy postponed the appointment until Monday.  She is REALLY worried about my eye, but she wants the antibiotic cream to be finished by the time she brings me to see the doctor.

I don't know if you can see this, but if you look at my left eye, the pupil is very cloudy.

I don't cringe as much when she puts in the antibiotic cream, so maybe that means my eye is improving.  We'll find out on Monday.  Also, we're hoping that I have gained a little bit of weight since last Sunday.  I was a very low 3.36 kilos (7.41 pounds), and since I have a big frame, the doctor said I was very underweight.  

Thank you all for your purrs in the last few days!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Mancat Monday

Hi.  Iggy here.  I'm a new prisoner member of the Monkeys.

Although my new housemates are not particularly welcoming, I'm not really complaining.  I have to admit that this gig is far better than where I was before.

I used to live in a house with one human and 80 cats.  The human got sick and went to the hospital and asked a friend of hers to come feed us.  When the friend saw how many of us there were there, she called the SPCA to come take us away.  We were all over the news!  A lot of my housemates stayed here at the SPCA in Montreal, but I was hauled off to Gatineau (about 2 hours west) with some of my friends because they ran out of space.  Thankfully my new Mommy came and got me from there on Thursday.  She also changed my name from Grimlin to Iggy.  She can call me anything she wants as long as she keeps those scratches and belly rubs comin'!

Mommy had to take me to the vet yesterday because I haven't been eating right.  They gave me an appetite stimulant and some antibiotic cream for my eye (it's infected).  I also have to go back to the vet this week for tests.  We are all hoping that my low appetite is because of all the stress I've been through and not an underlying illness.

I know I've only just met you all, but I could really use your purrs.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Newest Monkey

Yes, you read correctly - our Monkey family is about to get bigger!

Most of you know that Delilah, Bella and I live with Mommy in an average-sized one bedroom apartment and  Sweet Pea and Gabriel live with their Daddy in a small apartment down the street.  Bella had her claws stolen from her by her previous owners, and because Deli and I still have our claws and Mommy once found a bit of blood on Bella, she decided that it would be better for Bella's safety to keep her separated from us during the day when Mommy is at work.

Bella has the whole bedroom and en suite bathroom to herself.  When Mommy is home to supervise, the doors are opened and Bella is free to roam with us.  I actually think that Bella is quite happy alone in her palace, but Mommy worries that she might get lonely.

SO, when our Grandma told Mommy that she wanted a new cat to keep Aunt Mattie company (our sweet Auntie Sally passed away a little while ago), Mommy went straight to Petfinder to look for a companion for Mattie near where Grandma lives.

Instead of finding a cat for Grandma, Mommy ended up finding this guy and was so taken by his photo that she immediately applied to adopt him as Bella's new boyfriend.

Mommy is going to drive to Gatineau (where he currently is staying) on Thursday to meet him and pick him up.  His name is Grimlin (although Mommy thinks he may tell her a new name) and you can read his Petfinder profile by clicking HERE.

Grimlin also had his claws stolen by his previous owners so he will stay with Bella when Mommy goes to work.  He was rescued by the SPCA of Montreal from a hoarding situation and then transferred to the SPCA of Western Quebec because there wasn't enough room at the SPCA here.  Of course we will keep you updated with photos when he gets here.

We are all hoping that Bella loves him as much as we think she will!