Saturday, May 17, 2014

Delilah, Poteet and Mommy's Birthday

Today is a big day for us!

Mommy and I have always loved sharing our birthday.  I'm 8 and  Mommy is only 4 years older than me at 48.

This year we're adding someone new to our special day.  The vet said Poteet was about 7 months when she went to live with Sweet Pea and Gabriel in December, and since she is a lot like me in personality and looks, we decided she MUST be born on May 17th too!  She is one year old today!

All three of us are stubborn strong-minded, lazy relaxed and ferocious-tempered passionate, but we also know how to party!  Catnip all around!  Thank you for stopping by to help us celebrate.

We love you!

Delilah, Poteet and Mommy