Sunday, April 21, 2013

Iggy and Gabriel's Birthday

The Monkeys' Mommy made a big mistake.

She forgot to post about my birthday!

How could you forget this face?

It was on April 15th and I am now two!  Of course she and my Daddy remembered on the actual day, but she didn't post about it so that all my friends could remember too!  

To make matters even worse, she also decided that it is Iggy's birthday today! Now I have to share a post with that weird looking dude.  

They know very little about his history or even how old he actually is, but by the vet's estimation, he is around 5 years old, and because today is the birthday of Iggy Pop, the guy he is named after, the humans decided this would be as good a day as any to celebrate Iggy's birthday. 

The Monkeys' Mommy always said she thought Iggy (the cat) was more like a Sagittarius (whatever that means), but his birthday is chosen now and she's saying that it's his 5th birthday today.  As long as I don't have to share my birthday treats with him, I guess I'm okay with it too.


P.S.  An update about our Auntie Mattie:  She is doing very well and eating and getting strong again.  We thank you all for your purrs.