Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tortie Tuesday

Hello everyone!

Mommy went in to the hospital on Thursday and Samson was at the vet's for a day and a half sooo...guess who 'Yours Truly' was alone with for almost a whole day?? The Ball Guy! It was pure bliss and definitely the kind of vacation that I could deal with again.

Happy Tortie Tuesday!


Monday, March 30, 2009

Mancat Monday

We're back! Actually, Mommy and I are back. Deli never left.

I figured Mommy wasn't stressed enough so on Wednesday, when she had to go to a doctor's appointment to confirm she was okay for surgery, I strained to pee and just squirted out a small amount when I was in the litter box. Of course she brought me to the Vet right away and he said I had an irritated bladder lining and he was going to try to get a urine sample. Unfortunately, the irritated bladder meant that whenever I had to pee, it was so uncomfortable that I had to get it out as quickly as possible so they put me in a cage without a litter box so my bladder would fill up! I wouldn't put up with that and just peed in the cage! They tried all day. They said my belly was too 'fat' to palpate and my bladder wasn't filling up so they had to go in with a needle. Anyway, Mommy was a wreck but she trusts this vet to take care of me so she went to the hospital for her surgery and had the Ball Guy pick me up on Thursday. They shaved my belly so you can see my pink tummy!

I'm fine now (after Prednisone) and Auntie Stephie bought us a cool water fountain so I'd drink more. I'm also supposed to have more wet food which is not so bad (although I've gone through a few I refuse to eat) but I should be fine.

Mommy's home! It is good news for Deli and I (although Deli hardly noticed she was gone - she was all over the Ball Guy). Mommy's very sore and she doesn't move as much as she used to. She was sleeping and I jumped up on her belly and she screamed! I don't know why she's so sensitive. She keeps saying the operation was successful but I don't see how. She just lies around and asks The Ball Guy for stuff (like he doesn't have enough to do?!). When Deli got back from getting fixed, she was running around within an hour.

We are so heartbroken to hear about our good buddy Cal. He was a really special dude. As short as his time was, we think his family was lucky he was in their lives. Cal was the coolest in the land and we will miss him and hope his family is okay.

I'm happy to be back and Mommy's got a few weeks off to catch up on stuff so hopefully she can get her lazy butt off the sofa and help us blog!

Happy Monday!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordy Wednesday and Update

Good news!

To update Samson's post from Monday, I (The Monkey's Mommy) received a reply from the woman who saved and helped Samson and his brothers and sister. She said this:

"Last I heard, the other two kittens that were adopted together in Kingston (formerly known as Baby and Whitie) are doing great also. I've attached a picture of them that was sent to us December 2007."

It is so good to hear that they are together! Baby (black and white) was the smallest of the litter and very dependent on his sister. Baby looks like he really grew well and Whitie is as pretty as can be!

Samson will be very happy to know that all of his siblings are safe and loved.

I will be going in for surgery tomorrow and I'll be in the hospital for four days or so so I'm not sure when I'll be able to help the Monkeys post next. Brad (The Ball Guy) will be staying with Samson and Delilah while I'm in the hospital and he'll be around to help after I'm home. He will take plenty of video and pictures to document his 'vacation' with them so hopefully, when I can help them blog again, we'll have a lot of stories to tell. Delilah will be fine - The Ball Guy is her favorite 'non-mommy' human. We're just a little worried about how Samson might react to me not being here. He's a momma's boy and very clingy. Thankfully it's only four days and Brad will try to make sure he's always happy while I'm gone.

Thank you all for your well wishes and rumbly purrs! I look forward to reading about all of your adventures when I'm back home :)

Karen - The Monkey's Mommy

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tortie Tuesday


This week I'll show my fellow Torties (and any other cats with lots of colors and fluff) the fine art of camouflage.

For this demonstration I chose this shelf filled with stuffed animals. They don't know it's me - I'm sure of it.

Shhhh...don't move...

She doesn't suspect a thing. She thinks she's taking pictures of a shelf full of stuffed animals.

This is getting boring. I hope she stops taking pictures soon.


Oops, remain calm...she doesn't suspect a thing...

Happy Tortie Tuesday!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Mancat Monday - Samson's Story

Delilah did a 'When I was small...' post and Mommy said that she thinks I should do one too. She was also busy looking for cute kitten posts for Misha's Kitty Fight Club so she found all sorts of them

I was born under a kind woman's porch with a little sister and two brothers. Somehow my cat mom never came back after she gave birth to us. I think something must have happened to her because we were a great looking bunch of kittens! (Even though I'm the only one of us that had a normal amount of toes!)

Thankfully my first human Mommy took us to the vet and started feeding us very quickly. Despite her allergies to cats, she loved us, fed us, and took care of us so well! She took time off work to feed us at regular intervals and made sure we had the best vet care, toys and food. She called me Cooper, which is a cool name! Basically, we had everything we needed except our forever homes.

Here's a picture of me and one of my brothers playing:

Here's me and my lil' sissy:

My current Mommy had recently been found by Delilah and realized that Deli needed a friend to play with. Apparently Deli thought Mommy was a toy and would sneak attack her all the time; even in the shower! Now she does that to me exclusively. Gee, thanks Mom.

Mommy found out about me through a friend of hers and came over right away to visit me! I don't really remember how it happened but Mommy says that when she walked into the room I was in, I had been busy playing with my brother but immediately turned and ran right to her. She said it melted her heart and she loved me right away! I didn't know it yet but even though I was sad to be taken away from my brothers and sister, I was gonna love her too! She changed my name to Samson which is not nearly as cool as Cooper but I suppose it was to complement Delilah.

That day Mommy and her friend took me and one of my brothers each to their respective homes. I know my brother Mesty is doing okay because Mommy gets updates sometimes but I sometimes wonder about Baby and Whitie who were not yet adopted when I left. Mommy says I shouldn't worry because the nice woman who saved us would make sure that we ALL had good homes.

This is Baby and Whitie; the two that were not adopted that day.

Mommy sent off an email to the nice woman to see if we can get an update about my other two siblings.

I hope you all enjoyed meeting my sister and brothers!

Samson (formerly known as Cooper)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Furry Reminder

Mommy's been busy all weekend preparing for her surgery but I reminded her that WE have things we want to do too! This is how I subtly remind her that she must help us blog today:

C'mon Mommy, get with it!

The cuter I am, the more likely she will do what I want - It's a gift ;)

Speaking of cute, here is my official Kitty Fight Club entry. Our favorite, handsome friend Misha has a cute kitten competition and I think this will be my best shot.

Wish me luck! He is the King of Cute so hopefully I won't be going up against him!

We wanted to thank Fluffy and Nosey for posting on Friday. They don't have a blog yet but we're hoping they will start.

Have a relaxing Sunday!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Guest Friends Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Mommy wanted us to thank you for the good thoughts and purrs for her surgery next week. She is a little nervous but we will make her feel better!

This Friday is very special to us because we're turning over our blog to our friends Fluffy, Nosey and their Mommy, Leanne. They're also from Canada although quite far away from us in London, Ontario. Mommy met Leanne on a site called Fabulous Canadian Freebies Forum where she gets a lot of coupons and finds specials and meets a lot of great people.

Samson and Delilah

Hello everyone, what an honour to be posting here as a guest, I just love this blog – Samson and Delilah do such a great job! Anyway, I’m Fluffy (yeah I know, very original…my mom let her brother name me and apparently creativity is not his strong suit!). Here is a picture of me when mommy first brought me home. I’m the little one sleeping and the big one is my sister Nosey (hum, her name is far more interesting!).

I am a Himalayan Ragdoll and my sister is a Calico. Nosey is old now so she was not into blogging, but I love to talk about myself so jumped at the chance! And since Nosey didn’t want to help, I get all the screen shots, heehee. Here’s another picture of me not long after mommy brought me home.

I don’t have a ball guy to play with so I have to find amusement in other ways. A lot of the time this involves chasing my sister which Mommy gets mad at me for, but I think she should really try it out sometime - Nosey is so fun to chase around. Ok I know she’s old and doesn’t give much of a chase, but still a girls got to do something during the long winter months right? In the summer I spend a lot of my time chasing birds and bugs (although I am sort of scared of spiders like my Mommy). Mommy only lets me out in the yard when she’s out there with me, so I can’t actually leave our yard, but that’s ok I love it out there. I’ve made ‘friends’ with birds, toads and even a mouse once (which Mommy shrieked at and made me lose when she rushed me inside!). The picture below is me under our Hosta plants; they make an excellent hiding place to ambush unsuspecting birds! I even caught one once and brought it in the house to keep – big surprise mommy had a fit. She opened the side door of the house and came at me with this huge laundry basket – I was so freaked I let go of my new friend and it flew out the side door of the house and I never saw it again. Not too sure why mommy wanted it gone, she’s always saying we need more animals?

Well I think that is enough about me – thanks so much for inviting me to do a post on your blog Samson and Delilah! Everyone here is sending best wishes to your Mommy on her surgery and for a speedy recovery.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mommy's getting fixed!

Mommy has to have an operation next Thursday so she's taking today and tomorrow off from work to 'prepare'. She's having a hiss-terectomy (she says it's 'hysterectomy' but she MUST be wrong).

When she described the surgery, I vaguely remembered that I had the same operation! When I had it, she said that it was so I wouldn't have any kittens. Frankly, I'm very thankful that SHE won't have any kittens either. Samson and I are quite happy the way it's set up here. I'm the boss and Samson is my fluffy love-toy. We have worked hard to get the cuteness quotient up here and from what I've seen, kittens can be very cute. We don't need the competition.

She has to stay in the hospital for four whole days! The Ball Guy will be staying with us for the whole time and one of his 'jobs' is to film and photograph us while she's in the hospital and bring her videos so that she can see us. She has never been away from us this long and she thinks she's going to miss us so much. I have absolutely no problem with The Ball Guy staying with us because Sammy and I adore him. I just wanted to remind Mommy what usually happens when the Ball Guy is alone with us. He shoots videos that Mommy says are 'embarrassing'. Here is an example of one of those videos. Mommy wished he had put away the personal items on the counter but I think he was just so wrapped up in my beauty that he didn't notice! He even uploaded it to YouTube! He's a brave man ;)

I'm going to miss Mommy too and Samson will probably be a wreck without her but I'm really looking forward to a long weekend with The Ball Guy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tortie Tuesday

I'm not Irish (that I know of) and neither is Mommy but she says that on St. Patrick's Day, everyone is a lil' bit Irish. One of the traditions is to wear green and I don't have anything green except this soccer ball.

I think it brings out the orange in my eyes!

I should really get more green things for next year. I feel so unprepared! Tasha turned all her extra colors green!

Happy St. Patty's Day!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Mancat Monday

Hello Friends!

The weekend was full of fun and relaxation so now it's time for Mommy to get back to work.

I've got my serious face on now...

Oh and here's the cute face so Mommy doesn't forget the treats before she leaves...

Hey, it's the best I can do on a Monday morning!

Have a great Monday!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally Friday

It's been another one of those crazy long weeks and boy, are we ever looking forward to the weekend! Mommy said she's going to be doing some Spring cleaning and taxes but hopefully she'll invite the Ball Guy over for the hockey game so I can have a cold one! Hockey and beer; it's a Canadian thing!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love On The Rocks

There's been some comments on some of our pictures about the rocks we sleep on. I wanted to clear these things up so that Mommy doesn't look like a bad Mommy that makes us sleep on rocks! It's our choice, I promise!

See Mommy? I typed it like you asked. Now give me that treat you promised ;)

Years ago, before we came here, Mommy had an aquarium in this old aquarium stand. Apparently Muddy used to hit the glass a lot with his massive paws trying to get through the glass at the fishies. Now if you missed Delilah's post about Muddy, he was a big monster-cat! After years of Muddy's batterings, the glass weakened and one night, Mommy woke up to find that most of the water had drained out of the aquarium through a tiny crack in the glass. None of the poor fishies made it (LUNCH!) and a lot of the floor was ruined. Anyway, Mommy really loved that aquarium and planned to get a new one so she kept the stand and the rocks that were in it.

Delilah and I came along and still no aquarium (Mommy procrastinates an awful lot). We adopted that place as our love nest. It is the place we go when we want to be alone and clean each other and sleep. Deli is more into the actual sleeping ON the rocks (I prefer to sleep on Deli's furry body ;)) but we both indulge occasionally. There are plenty of soft, warm places to sleep on in this house, but we very often choose this dirty, old, rocky aquarium. Mommy laughs at us but we love it! She's not so sure she wants to get a new aquarium now because she thinks we might miss our love nest. I think watching fishies all day might be really great! Deli and I will easily find another place to express our feelings for each other. I'm a rather charming dude!

Have a great day!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Tortie Tummy Tuesday

Mommy is a little bit strange and likes some really bizarre things. For example, one of her favorite things about Torties are their tummies. She says the random mashing together of the colors are harmonious to her (?!). First of all, that sentence doesn't even make sense and secondly, I AM a Tortie and I don't know what the big fuss is. Anyway, she brings home the bacon (sometimes literally!) so I have to make her happy. I've put together a few of her favorite pictures of my tummy. I'll walk you through them so you're not confused. With all those colors, it's hard to know what you're looking at!

Here I am, relaxing:

Here I am again, relaxing:

And finally, here I am, relaxing:

Happy Tortie Tuesday!


Mancat Monday

How To Effectively Block The TV - By Samson

Let's face it, humans spend far too much time watching TV and the computer. When they're watching, that means less 'me' time. I've come up with a move to help all you out there with a similar problem. Just put your face/head right in front of the big box! It works every time!

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to post them. We need to stick together and make sure we have all the 'me' time we want!

Have a wonderful Monday!


P.S. The bigger your head, the more effective the method is. My head is small but I have a lot of fluff to make up for it! Good luck!

Slowly move your head so that it obstructs their view and VOILA! They're staring at you instead of that silly box.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

When I was small...

When I was small, I liked to chew on Mommy's fingers

I could fit on the desk with ease

Even sleep there without trouble

The sofa was HUGE!!!

I could hide anywhere

Even beer bottles were taller than me

The Ball Guy's nose was enormous!

Then they brought in something even smaller than me...

...so I stopped being small.

Have a great Sunday!