Friday, September 30, 2011

Samson's 5th Gotcha Day

It is my 5th Gotcha Day!

Mommy and I can hardly believe it has already been 5 years.  I guess time flies when you're having fun!

My Gotcha day story has been told before, but if you haven't read it, you can click HERE to see how I became a Monkey.  Mommy says she has never met another cat like me and she loves me with all of her heart.  That's enough to make me happy.

We don't really have a big party planned, but Mommy is having some friends over for liquid nip tonight, so I know I'll get a lot of rubs and smooches.  Those nipped up girls always love a fluffy Mancat.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tortie Tuesday

I haven't been on the blog much lately, but it's mostly because I'm very busy on Tortie-related business.

Have you noticed the sunbeams are around a lot less these days?  I've been trying to find a way to keep them here longer.

Mommy always says my orange colours look like a sunset, so maybe if I lie in the sunbeams all day, I'll absorb them and radiate light all night.

Okay, so maybe that idea is a little far-fetched, but it's worth a try.

Sunbeams taste good!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Mancat Monday and The Fairy Hobmother

Please do not mistake my prone position and eyes tightly closed for a lack of interest in this post.  The hairy blankets came out this weekend as the weather got a little chillier and I don't think I've moved all weekend!

If you don't mind too much, I'll dictate my exciting news from here.  I don't want any of the girls to steal my spot.

The Fairy Hobmother from Appliances Online UK granted our wish!   We made a wish on Sparkle's blog a little while ago that we'd like a donation to Marg's Pets for all the wonderful work Marg is doing, and The Fairy Hobmother donated $40 to her. 

If you haven't already been visited by The Fairy Hobmother, make a wish on this post and she might visit you too!  You can wish for anything you want.

Now that's worth opening my eyes a little!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet

This week is Adopt-a-less-adoptable-pet week.

I asked Mommy if I could write this post because, believe it or not, I was a less-adoptable cat at one time.

I is that possible?   Well, it seems that my calendar age is a tad high (12) and a lot of people don't want to be bothered with an older cat no matter how healthy they are.

My story was a little sad.  I was left alone in the home I had shared with my owner after he died.  Finally, after a week of waiting for him to come home and feed me, his daughter remembered I was there and brought me in to the vet to be 'put down'.   Thankfully the vet did not agree with my owner's daughter and called a rescue.  I waited for four miserable months for my forever home, and during that time, not one person even wanted to give me a try.  The rescue lady told my Mommy that people would inquire about me, but as soon as they heard my age and that I was a little sad because my owner had died, they didn't want to risk adopting me.  When Mommy finally called for me, the rescue lady told Mommy that it was very good of her to give me a chance and that I was very lucky.  After a month with me, Mommy called the rescue lady to tell her that she was the lucky one that got to adopt me!  It just took a little time to help me get settled, and now Mommy says she loves me as much as the other Monkeys.  Give an older girl (or boy) a chance.  We might surprise you!

On that note, I've selected a local 'less adoptable' cat  to highlight who is in a similar situation to what I went through.

His name is Flame and, if I do say so myself, he's a very handsome Mancat!  He is currently being fostered through the Animal Rescue Network here in Montreal

You can see his Petfinder profile by clicking HERE.

His story sounds a lot like mine in that someone tried to dispose of him when he was no longer needed.  This is what the website says about him:
Flame was “His Majesty” for a cat breeder. But, after several years of good and loyal services, the breeder decided that Flame was no longer necessary and that he should be euthanized. Luckily, a volunteer caught wind of this situation and saved Flame from a fate that he did not deserve. Flame is quite sweet, calm, and a bit reserved with strangers. He prefers being the only cat in the household, or to share his home with animals that are as calm as he is.
I am purring that this handsome boy gets adopted soon. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sweet Pea's Birthday

Sweet Pea here!

Today is my birthday and I'm turning 2 years old!

Daddy told me I'm getting a present and it's in this bag.

I wonder what it could be!  A big bag of nip?  A year's supply of tuna?  Samson?

Oh, this is not funny at all! 

There had better be plenty more ear scratchies from Daddy for that joke!

Sweet Pea

Friday, September 16, 2011

Forever Home Friday

We weren't going to post today, but Mommy was a little confused about why people were coming over to wish me a Happy Gotcha Day when we had already celebrated it in June.

Finally she realized that this was the day last year that she signed the adoption papers and made me an official Monkey!

Thank you very much for your wonderful wishes. I love my forever home!


P.S. Sweet Pea's second birthday is on Monday! I'm hoping this means that she'll start acting a little less like a spoiled teencat and more like a mature ladycat, but I'm not holding my breath.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mancat AND Mankitten Monday

Yep, you read right.  We finally met Gabriel!

Here is my very worried and out of focus reaction.

Of course Deli was the first to approach him.  She gave him the butt-sniff test to see if he was a security threat...he wasn't.

All clear!
Even though I'm still 3 times his size, he was a lot bigger than I imagined.

And he was very bold too.   Bella watched on in shock as he tried to give me a smooch!  He's still a baby so I let him get away with it.

Bella has her own set of security standards, so she also tried to do the butt-sniff test while Sweet Pea looked on in case she had to step in to defend her Gabriel.

It was a pretty successful first meeting, but the humans decided to cut it short because the little one was slightly overwhelmed.  He stayed close to his Daddy after he did all his exploring.

All of us were very well-behaved and the humans thought it was cute how Sweet Pea was always watching over Gabriel. 


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tortie Tuesday

Mommy got a new extension for her bed frame that is a headboard/nightstand.

The cool thing is it has a kitty caboose on the side!  I don't know if they made it this way on purpose, but it's perfect for average-sized cats like me.


It also extends to accommodate extra-large kitties like Samson.

Now we have a convenient way to keep an eye on Mommy while she sleeps.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Mancat Monday

Delilah and I have always been very close.  We grew up together as the original Monkeys.

Most times she can hardly keep her tongue off me!

Delilah is not the jealous type and I am the only Mancat in this house, so I have been trying to get close with Bella ever since she arrived over a year ago. 

Bella is very crabby and does not like other cats, which makes her all the more desirable to me.  I love a challenge.

Very recently I woke up from a nap to find her snoozing on the same bed as me, whereas before she would hop away hissing if she saw me.

And she's even letting me get very close!
Is that love in those big, beautiful eyes of hers?  I may be making progress!


Friday, September 2, 2011

Forever Home Friday

Gabriel here!

Most of you know my story and how I came to be here, but I wanted to share it again for those who may not know.

I was found in a coma on the side of a road during the floods down south.  My body was mostly lifeless but I was still breathing.  A passerby brought me to a local shelter, and this is where I met one of my angels.  The angel gave me fluids, talked to me sweetly and checked on me all day.  I still didn't move. Then, when she had to go home, she brought me home with her to meet the other angels.  They thought I might die, but they did not give up.  They spoke to me in a sweet way, asking me to hang on if I could.  They named me Gabriel after the archangel because they thought I would get my wings that very night, but how could I leave after hearing their sweet voices?   I felt so much love that I decided that there had to be a reason to fight to stay.  When I opened up my eyes and finally saw the reasons I was still there, I felt all the love they had given me during my coma.  My angels smiled big smiles when they saw me wake up and I knew right away that I had done the right thing.

Then, I spotted another reason for living.  A bunch of other kittens...and they had toys!  I mean, I AM a kitten.  This is the stuff we dream about!

Since that day I haven't stopped playing for very long, unless it's for a nap or a snack.  I went on a very LONG trip to Canada to meet the new love of my life (Sweet Pea) and I have a brand new Daddy, too.  We all have so much fun.  Even though I had to leave my angels to come to this new life, I will never forget them.  They were right to ask me to hang on, because this life is the best!

Most of you know my angels by the names Chrystal and her daughters.  They saved my life and save many more lives every day of the week .  Right now they are over-loaded with adoptable cats and cannot take on any new arrivals.  Without any new adoptions, my angels will not be able to save cats and dogs that need it, like I did.  They have a lot of really adorable cats and kittens available for adoption, so please have a look at their website to see the photos and read the descriptions:  Chrystal's Cathouse Adoptables

No matter where you are, Chrystal and her friends in the CB will do their best to get your chosen kitty to you.  Do not worry about distance - The Monkeys' Mommy didn't and look how that turned out.

Now I can continue my 'Handsome Attack' on all the female cats in Canada...

I've been practicing really hard.