Thursday, January 29, 2009

Man Zone

I live with two girls in a small apartment and there's not a lot of space. Don't get me wrong, I love Mommy and Deli but sometimes a mancat like me, wants a space to just be a dude...ya know? I escape to the hamper in the closet. The amount of privacy I get depends on how much dirty laundry there is to do. I love it when I can sleep on the bottom and no one sees me for hours!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tortie Tuesday

Let's face it, being a Tortie can be very tiring! I love crashing in the sink after a few hours of play. No one bugs me here...well, except Mommy with the camera.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Mancat Monday

Happy Monday!

I wanted to help choose a picture for Mancat Monday but Mommy says I'm even cuter in the fur. Who is that handsome devil?


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kiddo for president of the world!

Click to visit the polling booth.

We're new here so we don't know a lot of folks yet. We've received a warm welcome from everyone so far and love our new fuzzy (and non-fuzzy) friends.

We found a contest for president of the world and our new buddy Kiddo seems like the perfect candidate. Check out that regal, proud pose!

Click on Kiddo's badge to vote!

Friday, January 23, 2009

She loves me!!

Delilah and I lovin' it up!

Samson xoxo

P.S. Ignore the soundtrack

Finally Friday!

TGIF! We love Fridays because we know that Mommy is home and gets to play with us for two whole days! I personally love when she sleeps in and I get to snuggle with her longer.

We are so honored that our new friend Kiddo wrote about us for his Friends Friday :).
He's a handsome Tuxie like me!

All of our friends are new this week so we wanted to send out a big thank you for the warm welcome! We love this place and all the kitties and kitty friends.

Have a great day! We're going to snuggle up in our favorite abandoned aquarium and wait for Mommy to get home.

Samson xoxo

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Toothy Thursday

I was happily napping in the bathroom sink when Mommy snuck up on me and pried open my mouth to check my teeth! I hate when she does that. She could ask, no? Sometimes I think Mommy needs to learn some manners! Anyway, she must have found something she didn't like because she went right to the phone to call the vet to make an appointment! I think she's just paranoid about our teeth because our predecessor, Muddy, had some pretty serious dental problems before he died. I heard her say on the phone that the gums around one of my teeth was red and bled when she touched it.

The next day, my beloved Brad (The Ball Guy) came over and tricked us into our crates and off we went to the vet. I forgive him, of course. I love all the vets at this clinic. They always tell me how pretty and healthy I am and they give us treats! We had Dr. Pelligrin this time. I think Sammy has a crush on her because he gets really shy around her and always pees all over himself before we get there. She's always telling him how handsome and beautiful he is too. If I could speak English, I would've said 'Sure he's handsome, if you can get past the stench of urine'. He gets all wobbly and silly around her. What a goofball!

Dr. Pelligrin told Mommy that my weight was perfect! I'm 12 pounds and most of it is muscle. This is no news to me, though. Sammy has to lose one pound. He should train (chase soccer balls) with me and the Ball Guy and he wouldn't have that problem. He's 15 pounds! I've been calling him Fatso since we got home :P.

When Dr. Pelligrin went to examine my teeth she actually said 'I'm going to look at your teeth now, Delilah'. I looked Mommy right in the eye so I could make sure she was paying attention to how it should be done. I can only hope she picked that up. It turns out that the little toothbrushes and yummy toothpaste Mommy got us have not really been doing the trick. The vet told Mommy that I will probably need a dental cleaning in about a year and Samson will need one in 6 months. I'm only 2 and a half and Samson is 2 months younger than me! Now Mommy is going to try to brush our teeth more often because she did not like the special dental diet that one of the vets recommended (she said the ingredients were not to her liking...umm, like she has to eat it?). She thinks that because she only recently switched our food to Orijen (3 months ago) that our teeth will benefit over time about as much as our coats and activity level have since we started eating it.

Guess what? Since we got home she's already sprung one more surprise mouth prying on me to brush my teeth! This is getting ridiculous. Do any of you, my new furry friends, have rude mommies and/or daddies like me?

Delilah xoxoxo

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Toy mousie serial killer

I finally get a chance to use the computer. YAY!

Delilah got a chance to talk about her favorite toy (those boring soccer balls) so I'm going to discuss mine; Toy mousies! I love throwing them around against the walls, flipping them around with a quick snap so I break their little toy necks and drowning them in the toilet or water dish. My favorite place to do this is in the 'Big Rectangle of Death and Mutilation' (mommy calls it a bathtub?!). I always find a way to dissect them too. Mommy says that if I ever got a hold of a real mouse (WTH??? There are real ones?????) it would be a tortuous, bloody venture.

Samson xoxo

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Computer Hog!

I've been waiting all night to write a story but Mommy has been playing Pogo games! Now I forget what I wanted to say :(.

I did want to thank PB & J for telling me about the Tuxedo Gang Hangout!

Alright, she's off to bed so time for me and Delilah to get crazy!

Me and Soccer balls!!

I love this Tortie Tuesday thing! I figure I should show off some of my tortie skills for my first Tortie Tuesday. As Mommy always says, us torties are not conceited, we're just confident!

Here I am on YouTube playing with a soccer ball. The ball guy keeps calling me a 'puppy'. What is wrong with these human things? Monkeys? Puppies? Why do I continuously have to try to prove I'm a cat? Ah well, I love these humans despite their stupidity.

Happy Tortie Tuesday everyone!

Deli xxoo

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tough Ass Tortie

Hi! Delilah here. Last summer I was proud to become a member of the Tough Ass Torties Association (see my purrsome badge on this page!). I was really excited about it but I didn't have a blog to show it off...until now! I was kind of hoping that there would be some sort of competition so that I could show off my fetching, climbing, leaping and general butt-kicking skills but after I read all the stories of the other torties, I'm just honored to be a member. Check out their blog:

I'm tortie and I'm proud!

THE Monkey

Hello furry friends!

My name is Samson but I don't mind what you call long as you call me!

I was dismayed to see that Deli put up some bizarre pictures of me. I just wanted you to see what I REALLY look like. I'm a handsome boy. Mommy tells me that daily.

Here's a picture of me looking very regal and handsome. I don't know why that ghost cat in the window looks so freaked out, though. WTH???


Hi there!

Mommy said we could have a blog because we're so wonderful and exciting?! I am not really sure what we're going to talk about but I will start by introducing us.

My name is Delilah but no one ever calls me that anymore. It's Deli, Delibean or just Bean. Brad (aka the ball guy) calls me 'You'.

I'm a tortoiseshell that Mommy's kind friend found behind her house. The circumstances were a little strange because Mommy had just lost her big (and VERY smelly) cat named Muddy. Before Muddy died, she was asked if she would get another cat after Muddy passed. She replied that she wanted another special cat so she would patiently wait until one 'came to her' like Muddy had. She was so lost when Muddy went. I heard she spent days locked in her apartment crying. I knew that I belonged to Mommy so when the 'powers that be' nudged my starving, flea infested tortie body behind the alley, I had no choice but to go. It was destiny. When Mommy's friend brought me to the place I now call home, I could see that Mommy was fragile and she started to cry. Muddy had just left 6 days before so I had my work cut out for me! I'm a tortoiseshell so I am not afraid of big tasks. I had to start making Mommy feel better so I nestled in her neck and put my cold nose on her cheek. She cried more but I think she was just happy to see me. I didn't want to bring it up then, but I was happy to find her too. She was so warm and comfy and I had been out on my own for awhile and she had FOOD! It was a happy day for me.

That's how I came here; now I'll talk about Samson.

It's weird, no one calls him Samson either. Sammy, Fuzz and Monkey are his 'nom de rue'. I don't know why they bother naming us if they never use the names (people things are weird).

Sammy is a little odd looking. His fur is crazy long! He's always licking himself (and me when I let him). He's a little too dramatic for my taste but I still dig him. Mommy got him when I was 4 months old because she wasn't used to how active I was and she thought I needed a friend. I tried to tell her that kittens are like that and Muddy was just lazy but she didn't understand me back then. I was perfectly happy running all over the place and using Mommy as prey but she had other ideas. She found him through another friend who knew someone who had found a bunch of newborn kittens under her deck. This woman took care of Sammy and his brothers and sister and then found good homes for them. Sammy was 2 months when they brought him here and he was so small! I thought he was a rat so I tried to eat him. I realized he was a cat eventually but boy, did he ever need toughening up! I still beat him when he gets out of line but he likes it. He was the biggest of his litter so he felt like he was the boss. He needed to learn that I am the boss here! He's good now and waits for me to eat first (I'm the queen after all) and lets me sniff out the toys first and stuff. He is always on Mommy but I don't mind that so much. She needs lots of love and so does he (since he was alone when he was born). I show Mommy how much I love her when I want to; it's more special that way.

Here is a picture of Samson. Doesn't he look a little slow?

Here he is as a baby. Now do you see why I thought he was a rat?

Here is a picture of me when I arrived here. I am so pretty ;)

And me now! I built up my muscles!

We're collectively known by Mommy as 'The Monkeys'. I think she's a bit confused. We're cats as far as I know?!

Anyway,I'm gonna go play with the new soccer balls Mommy brought me the other day.

I may let Samson speak next time..depends on my mood ;)