Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Toy mousie serial killer

I finally get a chance to use the computer. YAY!

Delilah got a chance to talk about her favorite toy (those boring soccer balls) so I'm going to discuss mine; Toy mousies! I love throwing them around against the walls, flipping them around with a quick snap so I break their little toy necks and drowning them in the toilet or water dish. My favorite place to do this is in the 'Big Rectangle of Death and Mutilation' (mommy calls it a bathtub?!). I always find a way to dissect them too. Mommy says that if I ever got a hold of a real mouse (WTH??? There are real ones?????) it would be a tortuous, bloody venture.

Samson xoxo


The Creek Cats said...

Samson, you sure do know how to show those mousies business!! We also like to dissect them and drown them, usually in a water bowl. We also like to hide them in our daddy's shoes!

Mishkat said...

You are a mighty hunter, Samson! (And you're also very cute!) I like the photo of the mouse underwater :)

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

OMG!!! What you do to that mousie!?!?!?!
he killeded it!!!!

jenny: haha Samson, I think this needed an PG-13 rating so little kitties don't see! PB LOVES her mice, esp Red Mouse. She would freak if it was ripped apart!

Unknown said...

Wow, Samson! You are a powerful warrior! Those real mousies better look out!


Artsy Catsy said...

Samson & Deli, we heard about you on the Cat Blogosphere and came right over to meet you. We're looking forward to sharing your adventures!

CEO (Cat Executive Officer)
Artsy Catsy

Daisy said...

Hahah! Samson, you beheaded the mousie! My brother Harley likes to put his toys in the water dish, too.

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

You are a great hunter! Kirby loves his mousies! He carries them all over the house. ususlly at a run. Mom finds them in the bed. She, too, hopes he never finds a real one!

Kimo and Sabi said...

That's PAWSOME!!! We drown ours in da waterdish!

Everycat said...

Nice work Samson. Yep there are real mice! You'd love 'em.


The Island Cats said...

Samson...we love our mousies too! We must have a million of them all over the house...mostly under furniture, fridge, get the picture!

Poppy Q said...

I love to chase mousies. Everywhere you step in the house you find some.

Nice to meet you, my name is Poppy Q and I lives in New Zealand with my mum. Welcome to blogging.