Saturday, March 23, 2013

Uncle Hugo and Purrs for Mattie

Our Mommy recently traveled to Kingston, Ontario for her father's birthday party and on the way back, she stopped in at the local PetSmart to pick up some supplies for us.  True to form, Mommy went to look at the adoptable kitties.  As soon as she saw Hugo, she knew where he was supposed to go.

Where are you strange people taking me?
Mommy's mommy (Grandma) had recently suffered the loss of one of her beautiful kitties (Auntie Sally) to cancer, and her remaining kitty, Auntie Mattie, was lonely (I posted about her awhile ago HERE).  Mommy knew that Hugo would be the guy to fill that void.  Hugo had suffered the loss of his owner and was very traumatized and needed a calm human in his life.  Mommy knew that Grandma was the one for him, as she had great success in the past with traumatized kitties.

Auntie Mattie and Hugo did the 'who the heck are you?' dance for a couple of weeks, but they are coming around and getting to know each other.


Unfortunately, Auntie Mattie started to feel unwell and Grandma took her to the vet.  She has CRF and they also found a mass on her upper belly.  Grandma is awaiting the results, but as you can well imagine, she is very worried about her.

Mattie is a beautiful tortie and my Auntie and mentor, so I know she is strong, but she could REALLY use some purrs right now.  We love her very much and we so hope she can have the chance to get to know and love Uncle Hugo.

Please send purrs and good thoughts to Mattie, Hugo and our Grandma. 

Thank you!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tortie Thursday

Hi!  Remember me?

Of course you do!

We have been absent a LOT lately, but I wanted to let everyone know that we're all doing well.

We were all so sad to hear that our good friend Chica had passed away.  We loved her very much but she was especially a mentor and goddess to me and the other Tortie girls here. 

Chica, I aspire to be as beautiful and tough as you were.  You ruled your household with an iron paw and loved your human family with all of your heart.  I miss you so much already and Sweet Pea, Bella and I are sending many Tortie purrs to your family.