I was born under a kind woman's porch with a little sister and two brothers. Somehow my cat mom never came back after she gave birth to us.  I think something must have happened to her because we were a great looking bunch of kittens! (Even though I'm the only one of us that had a normal amount of toes!)

Thankfully my first human Mommy took us to the vet and started feeding us very quickly.  Despite her allergies to cats, she loved us, fed us, and took care of us so well!  She took time off work to feed us at regular intervals and made sure we had the best vet care, toys and food.  She called me Cooper, which is a cool name! Basically, we had everything we needed except our forever homes.

Here's a picture of me and one of my brothers playing:


Here's me and my lil' sissy:

My current Mommy had recently been found by Delilah and realized that Deli needed a friend to play with.  Apparently Deli thought Mommy was a toy and would sneak attack her all the time; even in the shower! Now she does that to me exclusively.  Gee, thanks Mom.

Mommy found out about me through a friend of hers and came over right away to visit me!  I don't really remember how it happened but Mommy says that when she walked into the room I was in, I had been busy playing with my brother but immediately turned and ran right to her.  She said it melted her heart and she loved me right away!  I didn't know it yet but even though I was sad to be taken away from my brothers and sister, I was gonna love her too!  She changed my name to Samson which is not nearly as cool as Cooper but I suppose it was to complement Delilah. 

That day Mommy and her friend took me and one of my brothers each to their respective homes.  I know my brother Mesty is doing okay because Mommy gets updates sometimes but I sometimes wonder about Baby and Whitie who were not yet adopted when I left.  Mommy says I shouldn't worry because the nice woman who saved us would make sure that we ALL had good homes. 

This is Baby and Whitie; the two that were not adopted that day.

Mommy sent off an email to the nice woman to see if we can get an update about my other two siblings.

I hope you all enjoyed meeting my sister and brothers!

Samson (formerly known as Cooper)