Monday, August 27, 2012

Mancat Chat Monday

Iggy:   Hey, Samson.  Thanks for letting me co-host Mancat Monday with you.

Samson:  No problem, buddy.  It's all about sharing in this house.

Iggy:  I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but where was the 'sharing' when Mommy was handing out treats?

Samson:  Dude, I've lived here for six years and you've been here for six weeks.  I figured since you came from a house with so many cats that you'd understand the concept of hierarchy.  Besides, don't think I didn't see Mommy slipping you some extra food behind my back.

Iggy: Yeah, that's why I like her so much.  I just thought that since you need to lose weight and I need to gain weight, we could come to an agreement with the treats.  That way Mommy doesn't need to sneak around.


Iggy:  Alright.  We'll leave it like that then.  How about giving me some pointers on how to deal with Bella?  All I'm getting are angry stares.

Samson:  If you're only getting angry stares without hissing, she might actually like you.  Other than that, you're on your own.  Good luck.

Iggy:  Uhhh, gee thanks, Samson...

Samson:  You're welcome.  Just doing my part to help out.  Now as I recall, we were about to have a snooze.

Iggy: {sigh}

Samson & Iggy

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Updates

Iggy here!

Before I tell you how I'm adjusting, I want to let you all know that Bella is back to perfect health.  She is eating on her own and her tummy problems are gone.  I am new to the blogosphere, but those purrs really work!

I am also doing well.  I'm eating a lot and my eye is fine.  It turns out it wasn't even infected.  The cloudiness in my left pupil is only scar tissue.  The vet put green dye in my eye and turned out all the lights to check and he said it doesn't affect my vision and it was probably from a long time ago.  Mommy thinks I'm adorable, scars and all, so I'm okay with it too.

I am also getting along very well with my housemates.  Mommy thinks it's because I used to live with a huge amount of cats so I seem to know how to handle any new cat.

Samson is the easiest to get along with.  I can tell that he is just starving for a buddy to hang around with.  The girls in this house are very headstrong so he definitely needs my help.

Hey buddy, any room on that chair?
Bella is a little more difficult.  I'm sure Mommy told her that I'm supposed to be her new boyfriend, but she pretends I don't exist. 

I know you know I'm here, Bella
When she does finally look at me, she gives me a dirty look.  Hopefully I'll win her over eventually, but it won't be easy.

Delilah is a tough tortie, but at least she is direct.  She is constantly performing surprise butt-sniff tests.  I'm sure my butt smells the same as it did an hour ago, but Deli is always careful to make sure it didn't suddenly change to indicate a security threat.  I once tried to do a butt-sniff test on her but I quickly found out that wasn't allowed.  She sometimes sniffs my face...I prefer those times.

The humans?  Well, I don't have to tell all of you how easy they are to win over.  Putty in my paws!

A little to the left, please.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tortie Tuesday

I am feeling better now that I'm home, but I'm still under the weather. 

I wouldn't let Mommy take my picture because they had to shave my neck at the vet, but here is an older photo.  It's actually quite appropriate since one of my symptoms is toilet-related.

Mommy is still force-feeding me a little bit but I am eating on my own.  I tend to get a little sick feeling at night until she gives me my anti-nausea pill which is every 24 hours.

I appreciate all of your purrs and I feel they are helping me get better.  I love all my friends!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bella Update

Bella here.

Well I'm home.  I'm still feeling crappy (pardon the pun) and not eating on my own, but Mommy just couldn't leave me at the vet.  I was too miserable and not improving much.  She thinks I'll get better easier with her syringe-feeding me at regular intervals at home.  I think she's right, because being in that cage made me feel like I was back at the shelter before I got adopted.  When Mommy came to get me today, I perked right up.  I was so relieved and happy that she came back for me.  If I don't improve by Monday morning, I will have to go back for more IV fluids so Mommy is doing all she can to make sure I get better before then.   

Thank you, ML, for my graphic and to everyone for your purrs.  I know it will help to make me feel much better sooner.


Update Sunday afternoon:  The Mommy here.  Bella ate a little bit on her own!  She isn't drooling as much and she looks like she feels much better.  She is still under the weather but it looks like she's well on her way to feeling better.  Thank you for all the purrs!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Purrs for Bella

It's been a long couple of weeks for us here!

We think that when Iggy arrived from the shelter, he brought a long a bit of a bug...and not the fun kind of bug that you can chase!  Samson and I both had the flu, but we're over it now.  Unfortunately Bella got it too and she had stuff shooting out of both ends of her!

Mommy brought Bella to the vet today and they wanted to keep her over night for IV fluids and some medicine that will help her tummy.

Bella and I don't always get along, but I'm asking for purrs for her mostly because Mommy is very sad when she's not here.  Also, I saw the photo (bad quality) that Mommy took of her at the vet's, and I can tell by her face that she's not happy at all.

Not happy is an understatement!

We would appreciate some nice strong purrs so that we can have our grumpy girl back home with us.