Friday, August 16, 2013

Delilah's Gotcha Day

Living in a kooky household for 7 years can make a cat a little kooky herself

I was the first one here so I've been here for the arrival of all the other Monkeys and therefore that makes me the Boss Monkey.

It's a tough job but I'm up for the challenge.  Thankfully I have my Delilah clone to help out with the duties and keep me sane.

Thanks for visiting on my 7th Gotcha Day!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Daisy Duke

The humans finally agreed on a name for me (thanks to Ginger Jasper's Mum for the suggestion) so I thought I'd introduce myself to you.  I'm the newest Monkey - Daisy Duke

 Mommy already told you how I became a Monkey and how she tried to find my owners, but I knew I had her at 'meow'.  She says I'm the boldest kitten she's ever met.   I don't take any paw from any of the big cats and I am not scared of anything!  Well, except maybe the vacuum...just a little.  What is that thing???!!

The big cats tell me Mommy is a lazy blogger so I look forward to meeting you all eventually!  Maybe I can whip her into shape :-)

Daisy Duke

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

It seems the only time we blog these days is for events, and today is no exception.

Late last year Mommy reconnected with one of her good friends from high school on Facebook.  It had been 30 years since Mommy had seen Richard but she quickly realized why she had been friends with him in the first place - he loves cats!  More specifically, he loved his cat - Galine.

Galine had Cerebellar  Hypoplasia which made her walk a little funny but it just made Richard love her even more.  About a month ago, Richard adopted a kitten that had been rescued from a feral colony.  He originally wanted the new little one to be a friend for Galine, but he was unaware that Galine was ailing with kidney cancer.  Sadly, she passed away on July 23rd.

Richard was inconsolable, but he realized that his new kitten was lonely so he set out to adopt a new kitten to bond with the little one. 

What he found was a pair of kittens that had been abandoned on the farm of a woman who was receiving chemotherapy and was rarely there.  He adopted them both and saved them from a life outside.

Now his home is full of love with these three young cats!  Galine was loved so much and we know she'd be happy that her Daddy opened his home to these three beautiful cats.

Thank you, Richard, for saving these babies.  We send purrs and head bumps.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

One More Monkey?

Most of you who know us well know that there are 6 Monkeys.  Samson, Bella, Iggy and I live with Mommy and Sweet Pea and Gabriel live with their Daddy just down the street.  We live in a one bedroom apartment in a high-rise building and Mommy has said in the past that any amount past 4 Monkeys would be the straw that broke the camel's back.

We'd like you to meet the straw!

Last Monday in the early morning, Mommy had a hard time sleeping.  She was restless and couldn't sleep so she moved out to the couch to watch some TV and eventually ended up falling back to sleep.  At around 5:30 AM she heard little kitten cries, but because she was still sleeping, they were incorporated into her dream.  When she woke up and still heard the kitten, she realized it wasn't a dream and went to the door and saw this little one all alone in the hallway of the apartment building!  She had been crying at OUR door.  Mommy was still groggy but she was sure little one escaped from an apartment on our floor so she walked up and down to see if anyone had their door open.  Mommy stayed home from work, put up signs and spoke to the building manager.  No one came forward to claim this little kitten.  We think she was abandoned.

It is possible that she will stay with Sweet Pea and Gabriel, but I know Mommy - she is already in love with this crazy kitten and I don't think she'll let her go.  She is already making plans to move to a larger apartment in the spring! 

She doesn't have a name yet but we are working on it and should have one soon.  If you have a suggestion, we'd love to hear it.

I haven't seen any camels around here but if you see one, please give him your purrs.  His back is broken!