Thursday, January 22, 2009

Toothy Thursday

I was happily napping in the bathroom sink when Mommy snuck up on me and pried open my mouth to check my teeth! I hate when she does that. She could ask, no? Sometimes I think Mommy needs to learn some manners! Anyway, she must have found something she didn't like because she went right to the phone to call the vet to make an appointment! I think she's just paranoid about our teeth because our predecessor, Muddy, had some pretty serious dental problems before he died. I heard her say on the phone that the gums around one of my teeth was red and bled when she touched it.

The next day, my beloved Brad (The Ball Guy) came over and tricked us into our crates and off we went to the vet. I forgive him, of course. I love all the vets at this clinic. They always tell me how pretty and healthy I am and they give us treats! We had Dr. Pelligrin this time. I think Sammy has a crush on her because he gets really shy around her and always pees all over himself before we get there. She's always telling him how handsome and beautiful he is too. If I could speak English, I would've said 'Sure he's handsome, if you can get past the stench of urine'. He gets all wobbly and silly around her. What a goofball!

Dr. Pelligrin told Mommy that my weight was perfect! I'm 12 pounds and most of it is muscle. This is no news to me, though. Sammy has to lose one pound. He should train (chase soccer balls) with me and the Ball Guy and he wouldn't have that problem. He's 15 pounds! I've been calling him Fatso since we got home :P.

When Dr. Pelligrin went to examine my teeth she actually said 'I'm going to look at your teeth now, Delilah'. I looked Mommy right in the eye so I could make sure she was paying attention to how it should be done. I can only hope she picked that up. It turns out that the little toothbrushes and yummy toothpaste Mommy got us have not really been doing the trick. The vet told Mommy that I will probably need a dental cleaning in about a year and Samson will need one in 6 months. I'm only 2 and a half and Samson is 2 months younger than me! Now Mommy is going to try to brush our teeth more often because she did not like the special dental diet that one of the vets recommended (she said the ingredients were not to her liking...umm, like she has to eat it?). She thinks that because she only recently switched our food to Orijen (3 months ago) that our teeth will benefit over time about as much as our coats and activity level have since we started eating it.

Guess what? Since we got home she's already sprung one more surprise mouth prying on me to brush my teeth! This is getting ridiculous. Do any of you, my new furry friends, have rude mommies and/or daddies like me?

Delilah xoxoxo


Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

my mommy no tries to brushy my teeth which is good cuz i then i'd haz to bites her. i can be furry-ocious!
but mommy does steal my floofs with the furminator!!!!
i no haz cute vet. she is lady vet. she sez i iz pretty too :) but i iz scared of her.

Maggie May said...

Rude, absolutely....our mommy is very rude when it comes to teeth brushing, furs brushings, ear cleanings, and nail trims! Our mom also doesn't like the diets our vet recommends either, she thinks vets should study nutrition more and recommend healthier foods. Has your mommy ever tried oral hygiene solution in your waters??
Best of luck to you guys with your dental cleanings.

Thanks a lot for the purrs for our Pop!!
Maggie May and The Creek Cats

Unknown said...

Wow. Well, I am sure it is for the best that your Mommy is rude and pries your mouth open.
Samson, it's ok, I could stand to lose an LB or two also...we should go on a diet together? maybe?


Anonymous said...

My momma hasn't tried to brush my teeths yet....but she did trim my claws and I didn't like that one bit!

The Monkeys said...

Maggie, my mom says she's never heard of oral hygiene solutions for the waterbut she's very interested in finding out more about it!

Kiddo, I definitely could use a diet partner :)

Unknown said...

Oh we wud so bite the mom if she touched our teefs! Good luck wif that we hasnt a clue how to stop a bean from doin dat.


i wood put da bitey on her if shes goes near my toofs. i wont let her near mt way!


Mishkat said...

I like that toothy photo!

Cleanings are good - and necessary - but they aren't any more fun than tooth cleaning for people... Hope it goes well.

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

Old Bo liked the chicken flavored toothpaste so much that he would steal the tube and chew holes in it so it squirted out all over the place, MOL

The cats of Furrydance and Teri

Daisy said...

Delilah, my Mommie brushes my teeths with special seafood flavored toothpaste. I do not enjoy it. My brother Harley has a special gel that is rubbed on the gums.