Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mmmm Beer!

I totally love the taste of beer! The humans found this out one day when they caught me licking the opening of the empties and so they put a little bit in a beer cap and I lapped it up! Mommy, of course, is concerned that it is not good for me but I don't drink nearly as much as them (or, more specifically, the Ball Guy. Mommy usually drinks white wine..YUCK!). I saw the Ball Guy drink almost a full box of the stuff and I only have a capful once a week! Ummm, don't tell Mommy but sometimes I 'meep' at the Ball Guy and get an extra capful....

Apparently there is a video or two of me drinking beer from the cap but with the mess that's going on with Mommy's computer, I don't think they'll find it anytime soon. Mommy mentioned that she did not want to put it on YouTube (even though it was very cute) because she didn't want to encourage people who might laugh at that video and then try to get their cat drunk! Moderation is key (yes, Mommy and Ball Guy, I mean YOU!) and I know my limits. I never try to drive after a couple of capfuls either :)


P.S. Update on the computer: You may have noticed most of the pictures Mommy is using are older ones where we're kittens...this is because her computer is still not fixed and she has to use the pictures she has in her computer at work. She has a friend at work looking at it so you can't rush someone who is doing something for free. She is thinking about buying a new one and using the older one for her business when it's fixed.


Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Do we need to contact kittie aaa? hahaha. I like the taste og peach wine! Mom's Dad got his beagle drunk once. Boy, were they in trouble. The other begal would walk beside him and hold him up so he would not stagger. THeir Mom hollered at them and they never got to have beer again!

Mishkat said...

My late kitty Henry used to love to lick the tops of beer bottles - but I've never met another cat that enjoys that - until now.

Wishing your mom all the best in getting her computer fixed soon!

Cat with a Garden said...

The most impawtant message is don't drink and try to scale your cattree! We don't know if we like beer, but most certainly our spoilsport who is called mom would deprive us even of that tiny little bit of fun.
We hope the computer gets fixed soon.
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Anonymous said...

I don't thinks I'll ever get to try beer because there isn't any at our house. *sigh*
I bet it would be fun to drink beer and then run through the house though!


The Creek Cats said...

Ummm......our woofie, Dixie, lapped some beer once when our daddy spilled it on the porch. He had to clean it up quick cause it was obvious that she would be quite the lush!