Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mommy's Tagged

Fin's Mom Meg tagged our Mommy with a game. We swore we wouldn't let her blog again for awhile, but when Fin speaks, we listen (she's so floofy cute). Take it away, Mommy!

Here are the rules:

Either (1) post 7 facts about yourself AND photos OR (2) post 10 facts about yourself with no photos, OR (3) post a childhood picture of yourself.

Well, I'm going for the first one, but the photo is 5 or 6 years old from when I used to work as a rental agent for musician and artist lofts. A lot of the tenants had pets, so I was the 'crazy pet lady' of the building and kept plenty of treats on hand. Some of the tenants told me that their dogs wouldn't go back to their loft until they'd visited me in the office after their walks. These were my favorite tenants, Max and Nipper. (Max is the German Shepherd and Nipper is the fluffy terrier/poodle mix)

This is Teddy the boxer and I. Behind me was the 'Wall of Pets' on the office refrigerator. I asked all of the tenants to bring me pictures of their cats and dogs.

I'm not posting any recent photos, only because I've put on weight since then and I avoid the camera like the plague. I realize it's vain and that it doesn't really matter, but I'm just not comfortable. I am losing weight again, and I blame the initial weight gain on the first of my 'Facts about me'.

1. I had been living with mild to severe iron deficiency for close to 9 years. It contributed to a lot of problems like severe fatigue, headaches, loss of mental sharpness, hair loss, weight gain (from lack of exercise) and just plain laziness. Since I recently had surgery that eliminated the iron problem, I'm amazed that I let it go on that long. I feel like a new woman and my brain actually functions properly again. Also, my hair is growing thicker and I have much more energy.

2. I currently work as a salesperson for animation software. I deal mostly with educational sales and I love speaking to teachers.

3. I am 43 years old and I have never been married (engaged once, but I backed out just in time!) and I've never had any children. My sister and brother have 3 and 4 children respectively, so my mother never hassled me to have kids (which was wonderful). She refers to Samson and Delilah as her grandchildren without even blinking. My Mom is the best.

4. I can't punctuate to save my life. I can spell well, but commas and semi-colons just confuse me. If my posts are punctuated properly, it's either a fluke, or I asked The Ball Guy (Brad) to help me out. I'm sure you all have noticed the inappropriate use or lack of punctuation.

5. I was born in Toronto, Ontario and moved to Montreal with my mother, sister and brother when I was in my teens. I plan to move back to Ontario, but not Toronto. I am leaning towards London, Ontario this time. My dream is to have a very small farm with cats, dogs and chickens on the outskirts of London. Of course, the chickens will have to be protected from Delilah but Samson will likely just make friends with them.

6. I'm terrified of confined spaces and spiders (actually, most bugs). All of the cats and dogs I've had have learned early that they must get rid of any bugs right away! If there is more than 3 people in an elevator, I'll take the stairs.

7. The furthest I've traveled was to Sydney, Australia for the 2000 Olympics. I loved it! The people are wonderful and the city was beautiful.

8. (Bonus fact because it's not about me) Brad is called The Ball Guy simply because he plays fetch with Delilah.

Just because it's funny, I'm posting this photo of me with my sister and brother at a petting zoo when we were kids. I always get a kick out of the knee socks! (I'm in the middle)

I'm tagging the following people:

The Mommy at JewelGirls Katz

Angel and Kirby's Mom

Loki's Nanny

Tommy, Noir's Mom

You'll need to get permission from your pets first, of course...



Martin Hooper said...

Karen its nice to get to know the cats mum!

You do have a lovely pair of kitties. I have a soft spot for Samson as my first cat ever was a black and white tuxie like him. Delilah is a lovely tortie too - Getting to like tortie cats too!

Reese =^..^= said...

Karen, you look like a very nice kitty mom. I enjoyed getting to know you better. Petting zoo???? Hmmmm. My momma bean has a story about a petting zoo too. Perhaps she'll mention it in her blog entry (if she ever gets it together).

Cheyenne -Millie said...

We enjoyed reading about you! My mom is scared of spiders and bugs too! We were wondering what that meant (the ball guy)... Ha! Ha! that is good he plays with Delilah!!

Max and Nipper were cute tenants!

The Creek Cats said...

We loved reading these facts and getting to know you better! Our mom is the crazy cat lady at her work, LOL!

So glad you've gotten that severe iron deficiency under control, that must have been awful to feel like that all the time!

Luckily, mom's brother has 2 kids, so her mom is not pressuring her to have any kids either. Our grandma is purrfectly happy with her grandkitties and grandwoofie!

I'm sure everyone has noticed our mom cat punctuate for nothing! But we keep her on staff anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow guys, your Mommy sure has some neato facts about herself! Glad to hear her iron situation is under control! Our Mommy just did one of these too (we saw it on Parker's page). Tell her thanx for sharing!

loki said...

Nice to meet your mommy, I am really curious about your surgery. Nanny has problem with headache and feel tired too. Nanny also avoid the camera! Oh no, we have been tagged...not happy about that! But we love the Monkeys and their mommy!

Big hugs,


The Kitty Krew said...

Fun stuff, Karen! Glad to hear you got the iron thing straightened out, our Mommy has a bit of an iron deficiency thing going on too but so far supplements are enough.

And oh yes, the good ol' days of childhood and knee socks, she says....cute pics!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Thank you! This looks like fun! It will take some thought!

BeadedTail said...

It was so nice to get to know you more Karen! Wonderful photos and I love that you were the "crazy pet lady" of the building! Your love of pets shines through! I'm glad Samson and Delilah let you post this today!

Sweet Purrfections said...

Thanks for sharing!

Daisy said...

This Meme has been so much fun! I liked learning more about you. My Mommie and Daddie decided not to have any kids, and our grandma finally gave up that they might change their minds. Hahaha!

The Island Cats said...

Hi Samson and Delilah's mom! It's so much fun learning about the humans that are owned by our furiends! Our mom is afraid of spiders too! She's happy that we're here to kill them for her!

Our mom got tagged by Fin we're gonna let her have the blog one day soon....

Mishkat said...

This is such a great post! I am glad to learn more about you - and all the photos are wonderful! I am glad you got the iron deficiency thing cleared up - I know that can be debilitating.

P.S. I don't have children either - by choice. My sister has 2 and my brother has 4, so my mom is fine with it. I do enjoy being an aunt - it is fun (and the kids will even speak to you when they are teenagers!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

It IS nice to see the typist behind the blog. My two (jane and Alice) are my "kids" too. We loved learning about you and hope that you are able to have your farm someday.

Anonymous said...

We think that you look beautiful! Thank you so much for telling us about yourself. You're neato!

Quill and Greyson said...

HI! Meg here - So nice to see you! I'm super anemic too and this week has been the worst, thinking of having parts removed!

I'm 43 too, and colons and semi-colons are a complete mystery to me.

PS I have to admit I have a total crush on Samson, Fin does too. Sorry Delilah but we wouldn't dream of taking him from you, we promise. Plus you're so pretty!

Cory said...

Karen, this has been such a great time, meeting the mom's behind the cats. I will let my mom have my blog for a day next week but she says if she's going to post a childhood picture she has to dig them out and scan one...not as easy as just taking a cute picture of me!!!

Amy & the house of cats said...

Those are great facts! I am not a fan of small spaces either. And I would love to have a farm with lots of space for cats and dogs - not sure about the chickens but I would probably have them as pets or something.

Anonymous said... are so beautiful,!!!now Your Mom sounds like a wonderful person (haha)...must be to have a daughter like you !!!Actually that was a Zoo in Niagara beside Marineland... love your babies!!! Mom